Management Team


     Management Team


Remus Li, MD. Chief Executive Officer 


Dr. Li obtained his Medical Degree from the Xiang‐Ya Medical college in 1985 and completed his graduate program training at the Peking Union Medical College (1991). He completed his postdoctoral training in Dr. Varda Rotter and Dr. Takis Papas's laboratory. Before starting Caprico Biotechnologies, Inc., Dr. Li was an assistant professor, first at the Medical University of South Carolina, and then at Emory University. He is credited as the first to demonstrate that the mutation of p53, a tumor suppressor gene, significantly interferes with chemotherapy‐induced apoptosis, which provides important information for successful anti‐cancer chemotherapy. He is also credited with the discovery and cloning of the novel genes EAPI/Daxx (2000) and EAPII/TTRAP/TDP2 (2003). Dr. Li is a recipient of the NIH career development award. His studies have been published in high impact scientific journals including PNAS, MCB, Oncogene, Cancer Research, Nature Cell Biology, Cell Cycle and Gene & Development.








John Zhang, PhD. Chief Scientific Officer


Dr. Zhang has over 30 years of experience in immunology, virology and molecular biology. He received his DVM degree from Hebei Agricultural University in 1982 and Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from Hokkaido University in 1989. Dr. Zhang is an associate professor at Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and his research focuses on autoimmune diseases and cancer biology. He has been a scientific director of MUSC's Antibody Facility since 1997 and has extensive knowledge in developing antibodies and antibody applications. Dr. Zhang is a cofounder of Caprico Biotechnologies, Inc.









Wen Chen, PhD., Vice President of Business Development


Dr. Chen received his PhD. Degree from Peking University. He has been a research scientist in top-tier research institutes like the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (2001-2002), University of Tokyo (2002-2006) and Georgia Institute of Technology (2006-2013). When the company started up in 2013, he joined Caprico Biotechnologies as a chemist. He established the antibody purification, conjugation, packaging, storage and inventory management process. He also directed the set-up of Caprico’s quality management system covering the whole process from raw material inspection to product manufacture to final product release. Currently he is VP of business development, in charge of company’s production and QA/QC.








J.Attilio Baldassi BSc, MBA Vice President, Product Commercialization


Attilio has more than twenty years of industry experience in biotechnology in research, operations and commercial roles with the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia; Agen Biomedical Ltd an Australian publicly listed company who produced rapid human and veterinary diagnostics tests; and Serologicals Corporation based in Atlanta in the United States, a provider of hyperimmune human plasma; cell culture, diagnostics, and blood typing reagents who was acquired by Millipore Corporation. Industry career highlights include recruiting, hiring and managing a team of ten marketing professionals from the ground up for a business unit generating approximately US$125MM per year, key account management of a territory with approximately US$50MM per year in sales; and leading negotiations on multi-year contracts with potential revenue of over $70MM, over $40MM, and over $50MM, respectively.