Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Q: What does Caprico Biotechnologies, Inc. do?

A: We manufacture and conjugate quality antibodies destined for use in several different clinical and research applications. 


Q: What products do you offer?

A: Our catalog is mostly comprised of purified antibodies along with fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC), R-Phycoerythrin (PE) and Peridinin chlorophyll (PerCP) conjugated antibodies. Please note that each product has its own applications as listed in the TDS. We are working to expand our inventory to include other fluorochromes, dyes and tandem dyes.


Q: How do I place an order using Caprico Bio's online catalogue?

A: You can place an order for a product by browsing the online catalogue for your desired product and simply selecting the "Add to Cart" icon. When all of the desired products have been selected and added to the online cart, hover your cursor over the shopping cart icon located in the upper right hand portion of the webpage. Then select "Checkout" to begin the order process or select "View Cart" to ensure that all of the needed items have been placed in the cart.


Q: Can I receive a free sample or discount for any of your products?

A: There are often discounts available for certain products during promotional periods. For detailed information, please contact our Customer Service Department at (678) 691-2143 Ext. 101. 


Technical FAQ's


The following is a list of common questions regarding the technical specifications and applications of our products.


Q: What applications are your products valid for?

A: Every product is different. Please view the TDS for your specific product in order to verify which applications your antibody is suitable for as well as storage conditions, QC data, and much more.


Q: What are the optimal storage conditions for your antibodies?

A: The TDS for the product in question will contain the information outlining the appropriate storage conditions. It should be noted that antibodies should never be frozen, if possible, unless otherwise noted by that vendor's specifications.


For Flow Cytometry


Q: What volume of antibody do I need to add to my samples to guarantee accurate data and appropriate results?

A: The recommended test volume is indicated on the outer label of the product and on the TDS for that product. We recommend that every lab carries out an initial titration study before running your samples in order to ensure that the optimal concentration is selected for your application.


Q: How do I select an appropriate isotype control for any one of your products?

A: The isotype of any of our antibodies can be viewed in the "Isotype" field next to the clone name. Also, on the TDS for any given antibody, the "Host/Isotype" field will inform you about the isotype of that particular antibody. Once the correct isotype has been identified, just type "Isotype Control" or similar text into the search bar on the webpage and select the appropriate isotype control with the correct format (purified, FITC, PE, PerCP, etc.)


Q: What can I do to preserve my samples if they cannot be run immediately?

A: It is always best to use fresh samples, however there are measures you can take to preserve your samples for a later date. After completing your staining protocol, incubate your samples in fresh 1% paraformaldehyde for 5 to 10 minutes at room temperature. After incubation is complete, place your samples at 4C without light exposure for up to 3 days.