December 9, 2017- Product Range continues to Expand




Caprico Biotechnologies Inc continues to expand its product range with new antibodies and fluorophores   


Norcross, Georgia (December 9, 2017)


Caprico Biotechnologies Inc (CBI) today announced the release of new anti-human CD purified and fluorophore labeled monoclonal antibodies validated for flow cytometry usage.    


The new products available now directly from CBI or via its global distribution network are:

·         Purified:            CD3 (UCHT1), CD11a, CD11c, CD14, CD40, CD44, CD45, CD45RA.

·         FITC:                 CD11a, CD14, CD31, CD44, CD45RO, CD66b, CD68.

·         PE:                    CD3 (UCHT1), CD11c, CD40, CD44.

·         APC:                 CD3 (UCHT1).

·         PE-Cyanine 7:  CD3, CD10, CD33.

·         iFlour™ 488:     CD45, CD66b, IgG2a, IgG2b.

·         iFlour™ 647:     CD3, CD4, CD32, CD66b.

·         mFlour™ 450:   CD2, CD4, CD8, CD11b, CD14, CD44, CD45, IgG2a.

·         mFlour™ 540:   CD14, CD45.


“2017 has been a busy year for product releases for CBI as we fulfill our commitment to providing a comprehensive solution for researchers working in the immunophenotyping and immuno-monitoring fields” said Dr Remus Li, MD, President and CEO. Dr Li added “CBI now produces over 585 different purified and fluorophore labeled antibody combinations and we continue to expand our portfolio to ensure that high quality cost effective products are available.”


For more information, contact:


Punya Mardhanan:      Director of Marketing & Sales

Telephone                   +1 678-691-2143 ext 101



Caprico Biotechnologies Inc (CBI) is a provider of products and services with flow cytometry applications. Core business activities include the production and supply of purified and labeled monoclonal antibodies for immunophenotyping and immunomonitoring and custom hybridoma development and labeling services. For more information about CBI visit their website at


iFluor/mFluor are trademarks of AAT Bioquest. The excitation and emission profile of iFluor is similar to Alexa® Fluor. mFluorTM450 is an alternative to Pacific Blue, mFluorTM540 is an alternative to Pacific Orange.


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