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Flow Cytometry

Reagents and Services

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CBI offers and extensive array of assay design and development services including:

Let the CBI Research and Development Team design and develop molecular solutions for identifying your biomarkers of interest according to our strict adherence to cGMP / ISO / GLP standards.

Custom Conjugation Cont...

CBI produces and conjugates all of its own antibodies. Each antibody is rigorously validated specifically for flow cytometry applications in an ISO9001 / ISO 13485 certified facility. CBI conjugates FITC; PE; PerCP; APC; Biotin; PerCP-Cyanine 5.5; PE- Cyanine 7, APC-Cyanine 7 and a variety of other fluorophores. Recently, CBI has partnered with AAT Bioquest®, a producer of fluorescent labeling dyes to offer a unique high-performance solution for immunophenotyping and immunomonitoring.

iFluor™ Dyes
iFluor™ dyes span the full UV-visible-IR spectrum. iFluor™ dyes have improved labeling performance compared to the classic fluorescent labeling dyes such as FITC, TRITC, Texas Red® and cyanine dyes

mFluor™ Dyes
mFluor™ dyes span the full UV-visible spectrum and designed to be maximally excited by one of the major light sources in flow cytometers such as the violet laser at 405 nm or blue laser at 488 nm.

Antibody Design and Development Cont...

Monoclonal antibody design and development is lending researchers the opportunity to create highly specific, customizable mAbs for both RUO and ASR purposes. Start with a free consultation and let us take it to the step of your choosing.


Choose the production quantity that best meets your needs:From Idea to Antibody

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